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    Why attend Cyclone Family Weekend?

    Cyclone Family Weekend is the first time many families will see their students after the start of the Fall semester. By now, your student will have settled into their routine on campus and may have gained more knowledge about the campus culture and offerings. What better way to learn about their experience than to join them in Ames for a weekend full of activities? Cyclone Family Weekend will allow you to strengthen your connection with ISU while spending valuable time with your students at their new home away from home.

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    Cyclone Family Weekend Registration

    Registration for Cyclone Family Weekend will begin in Summer 2024. General registration is free for all Iowa State families and students! Stay informed of the official date announcement for registration by joining ISU Cyclone Family Connection.

    Cyclone Family Weekend 2024 Schedule of Events and Other Activities

    Iowa State University offers a variety of events and activities throughout the weekend to strengthen your family's connection to campus and the Iowa State experience. Not all activities require tickets to attend! Look at our Schedule of Events to see official Cyclone Family Weekend activities, and browse the Other Activities schedule for events and activities that may also be happening in Ames at the same time as Cyclone Family Weekend.

    Both schedules will be available in Summer 2024.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The purpose of Cyclone Family Weekend is for parents and families to engage and spend time with their student(s) while learning about their students' experiences here at ISU. The Parent and Family Programs staff also want to increase families' awareness of campus activities and programs available to their students.

    The official dates of Cyclone Family Weekend are - September 13-15, 2024.

    Registration for Cyclone Family Weekend will be available in Summer 2024. Information about the registration launch date will be available on the Parent and Family Programs website and ISU Cyclone Family Connection.

    Yes - when registering for Cyclone Family Weekend, include your student in the total number of registrants. If you purchase tickets for any ticketed events, include your student here as well.

    Please utilize the Weekend Parking map, which shows the parking lots that are free for guests to use the weekend of Cyclone Family Weekend starting Friday after 5:30 PM.

    The Schedule of Events will be available in Summer 2024. It will contain a list of all the events - ticketed and non-ticketed - along with their scheduled times and locations and a description of each event. If the ticketed events are sold out, there is no need to worry! There are still plenty of free, non-ticketed events and activities that families can enjoy.

    We will have accessible parking available. To use accessible parking on campus, guests must have a valid Department of Transportation parking permit/placard for persons with disabilities. Locate accessible doors, restrooms, parking, elevators, and automatic doors using this ISU map.

    Please note that we cannot provide wheelchair rentals or golf cart transportation. If your family needs such accommodations, we encourage you to seek out a local medical supply company for your needs.

    If you have any questions or other required accommodations, please connect with Parent and Family programs at to inquire.

    Cyclone Family Weekend is organized on a weekend when the Iowa State football game is away for several reasons. We have received feedback from many families over the years, and it has become clear that hosting Cyclone Family Weekend on a home football game day led to many difficulties, which include:

    • lack of parking availability
    • prohibitively expensive hotel costs
    • and families had less time to learn about the other fantastic opportunities on campus

    There are other opportunities for families to catch a home game at ISU! Parent and Family Programs partners with ISU Athletics to offer discounted tickets for families for select football games each fall. Learn more about these games in Summer 2024 through ISU Cyclone Family Connection.

    During Cyclone Family Weekend, we offer a variety of meals including a Saturday lunch and a Sunday brunch. We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available. Additionally, all of ISU's dining halls are equipped to handle any dietary requirements you may have. You're also welcome to explore the restaurants off-campus. Many of the eateries in Ames have gluten-free options available.

    Discover Ames provides lodging information, activities in Ames, and place to shop and eat.